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To be placed on my waitlist, there is a non-refundable $200 fee. This fee will go towards the purchase price of your kitten. Those on my waitlist will get first pick of any kittens available before they are offered to the general public. This will give serious buyers priority in choosing their kitten. I will offer kittens around 4 weeks old and go in date order of those placed on my list first. Please be prepared to place your deposit at this time, or pass on a litter.   

If the color or sex you desire is not born in the litter, you can pass on that litter and will keep your place on my list for the next litter.

Please inquire about the kitten you're interested in for pricing. 

Prices typically range from $1,400-$1,800 depending on the kitten. 

Poly kittens typically range from $2,000-$2,500

I do not offer breeding rights, so please don't ask.

Please keep in mind, I do have a large waitlist, and wait times depend on a variety of factors (what color/sex you're looking for, how many kittens I get with each litter, what color/sex they are, and how many people ahead of you pass on litters). 

I would anticipate a six month to one year wait on average.

How it Works

When kittens are around 4 weeks old, I will go through my waitlist in date order. Please respond with a reserve, option, or pass within 4 hours so I can continue down my list. After 4 hours with no response I will move to the next person on the list. To reserve the kitten, a $500 non-refundable deposit must be placed to hold that kitten for you. This deposit will also be counted towards the price of the kitten. (This will mean $700 is placed towards your kitten at this time). The balance of the kitten must be paid in full by the age of 10 weeks old. 

Please be sure to talk with your spouse before asking to be placed on my waitlist. I also reserve the right to keep any kitten for my own breeding program.


Shipping available almost anywhere in the US for a flat rate of $450 , which includes airfare, crate, vet checkup, shots, and a health certificate. We ship through United Cargo's PetSafe program. 

I can also meet you at PDX airport for pickup.

Courier Service is also available. Cost will depend on your location.

When will your kitten come home?

  Kittens are able to go to their forever homes around 12-16 weeks, at my discretion: When I feel they are ready and providing there are no circumstances out of my control delaying their transport.

Ready to join?

To be placed on my waitlist, please click "Join the List" below and I will respond to you with how to pay the $200 waitlist fee. If the invoice goes unpaid for 7 days, the invoice will be void. Please do not ask me to send the invoice if you do not plan on paying it within the 7 day timeframe.


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