Available Kittens & Upcoming Litters

Waitlist: This means that I am currently offering kittens to my waitlist. I won't know what kittens I have available until I am finished offering to everyone on my list.

Available: The kitten is available for adoption

Option: The kitten has a potential buyer who has not yet placed a deposit, but has made an inquiry with intent to place a deposit. 

***There is a time frame associated with a kitten placed on Option without a deposit, or the kitten will be listed as available again

Reserved: A deposit has been placed and the kitten is reserved for that buyer

Sold: The kitten has been paid for in full and belongs to the buyer

Stays: Kitten stays with us to become part of our breeding program

Under Observation: This means that I am waiting to watch how the kitten grows as it gets older to decide if they will stay or become available.

Additional Info:

*** I do not offer kittens until they are at around 4 weeks old. Once they are of age, I offer them to my waitlist first, in date order. Whoever does not get a deposit placed on them will become available and I will post them on my FaceBook page and website as available.

I will do kitten pictures 3 different times: At 4-5 weeks, at 6-8 weeks, and at 10-11 weeks. I have this schedule so my new pet parents know when to expect updated photos. They get a full day of pampering on picture days. They get a nail trim, bath, and blow dried. 

Please inquire about the kitten you're interested in for pricing. 

Prices typically range from $1,500-$1,800 depending on the kitten. 

Bellatrix + Loki born 5/25/20

Too Young: Mercy

Too Young: Justice

Too Young: Justice


Female: Black smoke tortie with White 

Too Young: Justice

Too Young: Justice

Too Young: Justice


Female: Black smoke Tortie 

Too Young: Hero

Too Young: Justice

Too Young: Hero


Male: Cream 

Upcoming litters:

Please keep in mind while I plan for these litters, sometimes cats and nature have different plans.